Gus Till, aka Bus/slinky Wizard/Zen Lemonade is one of the pioneers of the psy trance scene since its inception. Highly prolific, releasing over 60+ tracks either under his own name or as Bus, slinky Wizard, Stoop & Fidget, Zen Lemonade on Flying Rhino, Dragonfly, Iboga, Tip World and many more.
He truly is a driving force with is own unique style much loved and respected. With his 2005 album Morebusinesslinkyouthere, on SUB Records, Bus produces an album of exceptional musical sophistication that’s ranges from gorgeous morning grooves to deep, moody trance all with a healthy dose of psychedelia to take you on Journey from beginning to end. It’s an album that is not only made for psy-trance and progressive trance freaks but will also appeal to a greater mass. Morebusinesslinkyouthere features a special Bus remix of a new Slinky Wizard track depth charger written this year in Gus’ studio in Bali with co Slinker George Barker.

No release yet.