The original name of the group should have been that of their second album “ShivaSidpao” but there was a misunderstanding over a long distance telephone conversation between DJ Jorg in Tibet and Germany, which ended up registering the group’s name as Shiva Shidapu in the production records. After a few releases with the already registered name, it was too late to change the group’s name as by that time the second album was about to be released. The name Shiva Shidapu (or Shidapu) was kept, even though this name did not appear anywhere on the second album.
On that album the name’s origin is also explained:
Shiva – God of destruction and reconstruction. Symbol of the God who’s inventing change with dance.
Sidpao – astrological, Tibetan calendar, and very old tool of Tibetan Lamas to fulfill our time with magic.
Shiva-Sidpao – is for the artists a magic tool with whom we intend to break time borders and bring Kinich Ahau and his 10th planetary orbit in the sound of the intergalactic tune.

No release yet.