Ubar Tmar is a famous Japanese electronic music producer ranging from techno to psychedelic trance and all kinds of electronic music. His style is truly unique psychedelic sound, which takes the dancer through unexplored worlds.

in 1997 Ubar Tmar released his first album “Fusion” and until now released 7 albums in total. He is playing in many festivals and parties in Japan and worldwide. His quest of psychedelic music and sound sense is very special. As a recognised genius sound engineer & producer he has a huge fanbase from all over the world.

Sometimes he is creating music by numbers which he saw in a dream. From 2010, when the goa-trance revival became global, he often plays again in Israel and he played at big parties “Hasamba” and “Psiloshiva ” as headliner. His recent live sets in Israel drove the crowd completely crazy with epic dancefloor moments as a result..

In June 2012, he announced the 7th album “Ubarpedia”, his First album in seven years. Pursuing the royal road of psychedelic trance as only Ubar Tmar can do, this seventh album comes in a special 3 disc album. An epic journey of wonderful trips of the past, the present and future creating another World that has became instantly a must have and heavily searched for album. .

No release yet.