Angus Young is a Producer from the U.K. whose passion is creating high quality psychedelic trance with an original organic twist. Mandala is the Sonic Sage we’ve all been waiting for! Since activating his Psychedelic neurons in India in 1993, he has been travelling the world and has distilled these life experiences and wisdom into the narrative of his music, like a tsunami of inspired frequencies from this dimension and beyond.
His life has been about living, breathing and sharing Psychedelic Music and Art in all its forms. It is this passion drawn from venturing deep into the unknown that has resulted in his signature sound, that is capable of captivating and elevating the dance floor to the ecstatic peak of the party.
Paying homage to the history of our genre yet maintaining a cutting edge UK Psychedelic vibe, his spiralling melodies weave an intricate tapestry, his daring arrangements challenge the norm and his top quality production all contribute to his live performances that are a unique ‘Cosmic Journey”, with the intensity of a truly passionate artist that has created something remarkable.
Nano records and Angus connected in 2016 in Goa at his self-built paradise home, and the synergy was instant. After a string of highly acclaimed Ep releases and collaborations with the likes of Tristan, Pogo, Braincell, and more, Mandala has spent the last two years solidly locked in the studio creating this masterpiece of a debut album. Inspired by the magic and wonder that flows around us, Mandala’s album delivers you “Back To Your Nature”
No release yet.


    The style of music is Progressive Psytrance with a modern progressive club beat,refreshing sound that integrates Psychedelic atmosphere on a very punchy production , powerful tight Kick & basses that are aggressive & warm.
    fresh techno elements combined with Progressive House Chords progression & Melodies or Vocal sequences that defined futuristic music.