Somewhere in Croatian capital of Zagreb, Mario Matakovic cooked some of his
best “meals”. During the earliest phase of creating, through guitar and keyboard,
he started with his own compositions which reveal skills of sequencing and
mixing in late 1999.
M-Run, a Goa Trance side of Mario, was born!
Not so long aer, global sound revolution makes him experiment with different
styles. First official release for him was on German’s Hadshot Haheizar in 2002
with his psytech project Mokk and then with Utilizer on vinyl edition for Street
Sound label.
Years of evolution, aer numerous releases on various labels, Mario revived his
first born project M-Run, and got back on Psychedelic Trance’s scene with his
debut album under the title “Some Run Just For Fun” for Belgian label “Cronomi”
,Goa Trance became stronger. The essences of combination between analog and
digital worlds of sound, with strong old school feeling, takes a world wide spin
and gets M-Run defined and affirmed on stage. M-Run delivers a new experience
to the dance floor wreaking psychotic sound scapes with pumping groovy base
lines and mystic melodies
As a resident of international music festival “Lost Theory”, and regular performer
in western part of Europe, M-Run takes a great strides to the list of valued
Recently, Mario open a studio with his colleague in purpose of producing sound
for TV and Radio material, which encourages the transition to a higher level of
sound tweaking at all fields.
Stop by to dance floor…

No release yet.