Indoor are Avi “Space Cat” Algranati and Ofer “Oforia” Dikovsky. The duo are producing Psy/Goa Trance wrapped in a top notch modern production.
The two brings a 20 years of experience in the Electronic Trance music scene and are considered as a defining part of the all-time global trance scene.
Indoor started when three young Israelis met around 1994- Avi Algarnati (DNA,Warp, Space Cat), Ofer Dikovsky (Tandu, Oforia, Pigs in Space) and Marko Goren (Tandu), and together decided to start their own studio and rehearsals room (OMA) and rent it to different artists.
One day, Marko came back from his first trance party with a tape and played the other two the music- it was love at first listen. The guys decided to start making trance music and made two tracks. They sent the stuff to record companies and NMC decided to release an album for them- that is how Indoor was born. Their CD- Progressive Trance, was released in 1995 and became a trance classic, today its still sounds fresh, powerful and innovative and every track in this CD is a masterly piece of art. Most of the tracks became party hits and found their way to various compilations around the world: Indoor- Shiva (Cybertrance 3, Goa-Tel-Aviv, and Retro), Indoor- Camel (Tantrance 2, Goa-Tel-Aviv), Indoor- The Key (Pulse 1, Goa-Tel-Aviv), Indoor- Vertigo (Hypnotic Trance vol. 3, Goa-Tel-Aviv), The Key and Vertigo were also released on 12″ in Full Moon Records. After the success of the CD around the world, the guys decided to leave the studio for their own use, making it a trance studio full of electronic equipment.



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