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Zirrex is one of the oldest musical projects of psychedelic trance scene and the first project in Russia, that began to create and to promote Goa trance music. In the second half of the nineties Zirrex almost “blew up” the dancefloors ot the trance-parties and was an invited guest of different famous radio stations, that popularize the electronic music.
Zirrex was at the beginnings of Russian Goa trance. Tracks that he released in 1998 on the album “Lost in Time”, that was later reissued in 2010 with the works that were not included in the first edition, have become classics of Goa trance. The album “Lost in Time” governed minds of many listeners and musicians, who grew up with it and have been drawing their inspiration from it to this day.
In 2013 the new CD “Ritual Dance” was released on Hado Records. In this album Zirrex reveals for listeners the new genre of psychedelic trance, the most suitable name for which is fullpower trance.