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Shivax is a Yanai Jascourt from Jerusalem ,Israel

Born in 1989, he discovered his passion for music 13 years later when he started playing guitar

His main influences back than came from rock and metal music and he Formed a metal band in 2006, shortly after he started listening to Electronic music
in 2007 he started writing and learning how to use FL studios 5 through a friend and got hooked 🙂
he was exposed to Goa trance after going to a random party and fell in love.

After exploring goa trance he decided to give it a shot and created Shivax making as many tracks as he could.

After a few years of army duty and traveling in 2011 he

began Producing on Cuebase 6 and got into Nitzhonot and nitzhoGoa making fast tempo tracks with super ethnic melodies and space sounds 🙂
At the end of 2012 after getting in touch with elias gits (Agneton)

he Joined the wonderful label “Sita-Rec” and became a part of the Nitzho Family

His debut album “State Of Mind” is due to be released shortly …

Shivax has performed in Israel and Belgium

And today is working on new material for another album while looking for as many gigs as possible to share his music