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Alchemy Records founder and Label Manager, Shane Gobi is one of the leading DJs on
the global trance circuit. Originally from South Africa, Shane founded Alchemy in
London in 2001. Since then, he's become a regular favourite at festivals and clubs from
London to Japan. Voted DJ of the year on Isratrance in 2003, Shane is known for his
technical wizardry and his unique journey sets. His sets from Boom 2010, Boom 2014
and the epic 6 hour closing set at Boom 2016 became the most downloaded artists set
from Boom Festival website.
Over the years Shane has been know to occasionally turn towards spending time with
label friends in the studio, collaborating to create new banging trcks for his dj sets, over
the years these joint studio sessions have release many track under various collaboration
project, … Groundzero, with Krunch and Whiplash with Rinkadink.
After a lengthy studio break, taking time to formulate a new direct and idea under the a
new solo project, AGENDA was born. Over the last 2 years, Agenda has has 3 EP
releases on Alchemy Records and established itself as a project to watch.
DJ Shane Gobi is currently without a doubt one of the most sort after psy trance dj
Catch him if you can.