Keyboard player Shahaf Shvarzman ,a.k.a Power source produce trance music for since 1994.
Since that year Power source plays nature parties clubs and festivals and featured among best local and international lineups .
Power source plays various Live sets ,all based around melodic powerful trance.
Retro Goa trance set includes the original 1990s tracks recorded from Vinyls and Cd’s alike Cosmic waves album and Goaway and Granda Ep’s.
New-Goa set includes the 2017 XOXO album (with co productions and remixes of Astral Projection , Space cat,The muses rapt ,Filteria Freeze & Innerzone).
New Goa Set also includes special Space cat remakes and remasters.
Psychedelic full power set includes new tracks, co-productions and remixes from artists alike Shibass, Ejekt ,Bizarre Contact ,Mystical complex ,Ultravoice RealtySky and many others.
Combined set is a full musical musical journey within 25 years of Trance music.
Power source formed in Israel (1994) by Shahaf and trance music pioneers Nati Mishaly and
Nati beat . On 1997 act became duo by Shahaf & Nati beat and Since 2001 , a solo project by Shahaf.
Power source took big rule on early trance scene and performed many parties and festivals in Israel.
Power source Classic Goa trance tracks from mid 90’s – Goaway,Gargamel (Matsuri)
Granada (Transient) and others were put on Vinyls and dozens CD compilations thru the 90’s and supported by many international DJ’s.
Power source album Cosmic wave (Melodia 1999) kept Power source take on Goa trance with fast , powerful bass lines & memorable melodies. It featured trance anthems Skywalker ,Vorlan, Memory Bubbles and considered one of the most influential Israeli trance albums of that era.
Power source Goaway remix (Hommega, 2000) was the act’s last project before becoming a solo project.
Thru the 1990’s Shahaf worked also with trance music Innovators Har-el Prusky and Miko (a.k.a California Sunshine) including tracks on album Imperia and playing keyboards on live sets.

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