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Known as one of the members from Hilight Tribe , Greg has performed with his band , in almost every country around the world including Brazil , USA , Japan , Mexico , Marocco , England and all over Europe as a headline Live show.

After 7 albums with the Hilight Tribe , Greg created his solo project “Greg Hilight”, an EthnoTrance Live act, which is the encounter of Natural instruments and digital trance.

Throught this project , he present us his vision of the new century’s dance floor’s music , a magic potion made of instruments from all over the world , ethnic grooves and electronic sounds.

He plays a live set , from 145 to 155 Bpm , to give the dance floor an authentic and up lifting performance , filled with live percussions and didjeredoo.

Greg Hilight is now on tour,playing his set and sustaining the tribe’s transcendent Energy.

You’re invited in a Journey to a futuristic and surnatural world manifested through the sound of the Ancestors by Greg Hilight.