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The year was 1976 A.D, A comet passes by planet earth . but a minor malfunction in the ever changing climate patterns of this strange but beautiful planet causes a derailment of some inter-galatic pillon riders who had hitched themselves on the tail-end of the comet for what was gonna be a few decades of joyride,surfing around some galaxies till they get back to their normal studies in the field of galaxy domination.

One of them crash landed near small coastal town of goa,then raised by 2 beautiful earthlings,and was christened as Brian fernandes. Slowly he learned the ways of this simple but yet complicated human race.

Soon this goa-born but bombay bred freak applied his cosmic algo-rhythmic knowledge to create various projects including Flipknot.

Flipknot is an experi-mental avatar of Brian Fernandes aka Kerosene Club. An experiment which started as to send sound signals /codes to outer space or to other pillon riders who fell across other parts of planet earth or who maybe passing by and would raise a remote possibility of get a hitch ride back again.

Assembling and disintegrating soundwaves ,balancing and disguising them as leads and fx patterns against the tempo of the beat of an excited heart to avoid getting attention from the Human race. Strangely these experiments had an adverse effect on the human race who danced and grooved to when amplified to louder decibels.,some even meditated,which bought great joy and inner peace to him.

Nowadays he is on a full time mission conducting these experiments which resulted in explosive rituals in forests,urban dancefloors,river sides and at the same time serving the purpose of sending signal codes to his fellow kind pursuing his super secret mission. He has been travelling experimenting constantly around the world including India,Russia,Brazil,Israel,Greece,Japan,Germany,Belgium,Spain,Dubai,Nepal and other unmentionable beautiful places.

(P.S last heard rumours about some pillon riders had crash landed in Denmark,some around scandinavian regions and one even in japan too)