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cosmic dimension


Cosmic Dimension is a duo from Macedonia and it’s a new direction in Goa Trance music, formed by two good friends Antonio Simonovski-Menkalian and Denis Bogdanovski-GoaHuman in the end of March in 2012. It was all started by GoaHuman… Because of him, Antonio got in touch with Goa trance in 2009 when the music fascinated him with it’s energy and floating melodies… He started to learn from GoaHuman and tried to work with him, like playing guitar for GoaHuman’s first album… After the release of the first downtempo album from GoaHuman “Esoteric Journey” in 2011 he started to focus more on producing goa trance music… In the mean time, Antonio started his own project “Menkalian”, producing goa trance, chillout, downtempo music… “The time has come !” GoaHuman came to a fabulous idea ! He brought together a great trio for a goa trance project “Cosmic Trinity”, with Menkalian and Mario Ruff-Sirius. Sirius like a good friend from the same town, had a great influence in their progress… They learned a lot from him… But things didn’t go as expected. So, at the end Sirius left the project and continued working on his own… With that being said, that week, at the end of March in 2012 a new DIMENSION was born.
“Cosmic Dimension”