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Joske Vranken

Dj Anoebis is a known name in the old/new school goa scene. He is a dj, party organiser and one of the label managers of Suntrip Records.

His love for goa trance started in 1998. For years he was collecting all the music he could get, and this resulted in dj-sets for friends. In 2000 he started to play more often and since 2002 he plays almost every weekend in Belgium or the surrounding countries in Europe. Around that time he was one of the only djs left in the world playing real melodic goa trance like in the old days.

In 2004 he started Suntrip Records together with Mars to promote this sound even more. In the mean time this label is well established and released some true goa trance classics from new and “old” artists… This label is still very active today

Since 2001 Anoebis is organising parties as well, with only melodic goa trance. Some of his famous parties include the Old is Gold parties, the Suntrip Records label parties, the Shishu parties, PLUR-parties and many more…

Today Anoebis is still very active as a dj, playing all kinds of different psychedelic music. Mostly he plays goa trance under the name Anoebis, but he plays Spugedelic, Ambient and darker forest trance as well (the forest trance under the name “Skeleton Hex”)