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From the depth of the earth, rising up Nature’s Heartbeat, evolving from the inside, moving body and mind through a whole new dimension of experience

ADAMA is the psytrance project of Itamar, a musician/producer based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Itamar is inspired by wide range music styles, beginning from rock genres, trance and techno up to the African tribes and the Australian bush.

All of which together help create his unique sound.

Combining deep ambiance and a massive collection of percussions and synthesized sound effects of the psychedelic world.

In his sets, he tells the story of the ancients with deep basslines and developing melodies, recorded with his wide collection of instruments.

Adama performed on major stages in Israel such as “The Block” club & others over Tel-Aviv, his tracks were released with topnotch labels such as Zenon Records & Merkaba music.

There is much more to come from this uprising new kid in town!